The Clean Vehicle Portal is online The Clean Vehicle Portal is online
The Clean Vehicle Portal The Clean Vehicle Portal is an important web-based tool provided by the European Commission to facilitate the implementation of the Clean Vehicle Directive in the European Member States. The Features Access to Europes largest vehicle database Lifetime-cost-calculation, following the „Clean Vehicle Directive“ (2009/33/EC) Interactive joint-procurement features to increase dynamic market development EU-wide information about existing procurement rules and incentive schemes for clean vehicles EU-wide information about market-shares of clean vehicles Powerful and easy-to-use web-application Following the „Clean Vehicle Directive“ (2009/33/EC) Individual data-output and calculations for each country in the EU

It's not available yet but 30 CIGS solar modules having an efficiency of ten percent may deliver a peak power of three kilowatts if mounted on semitrailer roof. This energy when used for cooling will save about 1,000 liters of diesel per year. The promoters Krone, Carrier and Solarion are working on a solution acceptable by the markets.

BIOSIRE International Workshop in Venice - Agenda
The fourth and last Biosire International Workshop, will be held in Venice (Italy) on Thursday February 24th. The event will be dedicated to "Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations", with the following agenda: Session 1:Tools Valere Tjolle, TOTEMTourism - “Sustainable Tourism Marketing Guide” Roberta Gadia, APlus consulting “EMAS certification: tool and opportunity promoting sustainability” Session 2: Experiences Bart Busschaert - Traject - Mobility Management "Stream: an eye opener for the tourism sector in Flanders" Bart Busschaert - Traject - Mobility Management "Building knowledge on experiences: sustainable mobility and opportunitiesfor car free tourism in Flanders" Veronika Holzer - Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water "The ´Alpine Pearls`: best practice example for Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations. Development and experiences." Claudio Mantero, Horarios do Funchal Transportes Publicos “Marketing public transport to tourist” Read Agenda

Study Future transport Fuels
A report disseminated by the EU Commission that was written by experts who have taken part in the European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels. The reporrt gives an overview on the present situtation of fuel supply and prospects. It discusses technologies, infrastructure needs, and potential of the different alternative fuel options. Further on is described the fuels of choice for the different modes of transport. In the study the full system of fuels - infrastructure - vehicles with regard to well-to-wheels energy, greenhouse gas, and cost balances has been analysed. It also adresses the life cycle aspects. The report sets out a lomg-term strategy for the full substitution of oil as energy source in transport and the full decarbonisation of transport, on the time horizon of 2050. It also outlines a road map to achieve the long-term objectives. Finally the study summarises recommendations for actions to be taken over the present decade, 2010-2020. find the report online under:

Expert group report: Alternative fuels could replace fossil fuels in Europe by 2050
Alternative fuels have the potential to gradually replace fossil energy sources and make transport sustainable by 2050, according to a report presented to the European Commission today by the stakeholder expert group on future transport fuels. The EU will need an oil-free and largely CO2-free energy supply for transport by 2050 due to the need to reduce its impact on the environment and concerns about the security of energy supply. The expert group has for the first time developed a comprehensive approach covering the whole transport sector. Expected demand from all transport modes could be met through a combination of electricity (batteries or hydrogen/fuel cells) and biofuels as main options, synthetic fuels (increasingly from renewable resources) as a bridging option, methane (natural gas and biomethane) as complementary fuel, and LPG as supplement. Vice-President Siim Kallas, responsible for transport, said: "If we are to achieve a truly sustainable transport, then we will have to consider alternative fuels. For this we need to take into account the needs of all transport modes." The Commission is currently revising existing policies and today's report will feed into the "initiative on clean transport systems", to be launched later this year. The initiative intends to develop a consistent long-term strategy for fully meeting the energy demands of the transport sector from alternative and sustainable sources by 2050. According to the report, alternative fuels are the ultimate solution to decarbonise transport, by gradually substituting fossil energy sources. Technical and economic viability, efficient use of primary energy sources and market acceptance, however, will be decisive for a competitive acquisition of market share by the different fuels and vehicle technologies. There is no single candidate for fuel substitution. Fuel demand and greenhouse gas challenges will most likely require the use of a mix of fuels which can be produced from a large variety of primary energy sources. There is broad agreement that all sustainable fuels will be needed to fully meet the expected demand. Different modes of transport require different options of alternative fuels. Fuels with higher energy density are more suited to longer-distance operations, such as road freight transport, maritime transport, and aviation. Compatibility of new fuels with current technologies and infrastructure, or the need for disruptive system changes should be taken into account as important factors, determining in particular the economics of the different options. Further information: Report of the European expert group on future transport fuels:

New era of urban driving? New era of urban driving?
With the release of the new MOVE Daihatsu claims to offer the most efficient non hybrid city car (Japan cycle). Apart from the packaging concept - fuel saving but cost efficient technologies are used to offer a competitive solution. We will see whether the new MOVE will manage to decrease the success of zero emission electric vehicles or ultra low cost vehicles like the Tata Nano. We will also see whether Chinese electric bubble cars as seen at EVS25 in Shenzhen will come of age introducing a new efficiency record for cars.

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A world first Snowcat propellled by a diesel/CNG mixture
Kässbohrer and Salzburg AG developed together a snowcat which runs with a mixture of diesel and CNG and can be produced in series. 9 meter lenghth, 4,20 meters broad, 9 tonnes weight and 400 horsepower. these are the benchmarks of the new seriel Snowcat 600 Twinpower which is propelled by a mixture of Diesel/CNG. Projectleader Johann Schmidthuber of the Salzburg AG says the snowcat is able to run with 70% CNG to save dieselfuel. With the use of CNG we are able to save 37 tonnes of CO2 each year. 2 years the developer worked on the snowcat to get it working. Last winterseason it was tested in Saalbach extensively and now it is in daily use in Kitzbuehl. for mroe information go to:

Biofuel buses in Poland
Bialystok's municipal transport company was the first one in Poland to begin using biofuels to power their bus fleet. Since May 2010 75 of their 105 buses have been using biofuels. Over 6 months, the company’s savings have amounted to around € 37,500. Read more on Eltis Read more in Polish

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Value Proposition Study
The U.S. Department of Transportation's Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center has released a report that evaluates value-added propositions for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that might help overcome the initial price premium related to comparable internal combustion engine and hybrid electric vehicles. The report also assesses other non-monetary benefits and barriers related to an emerging PHEV fleet, including environmental, societal, and electric grid impacts. Read more on TRB

NExBTL biodiesel production plant in Singapore
Neste Oil opened the world's largest renewable diesel plant in Singapore. The plant will produce 800,000 tons of the synthetic diesel per year. Read more on Autobloggreen

Serial hybrid technology for boats
Mastervolt and STEYR MOTORS, the Austrian specialist for Marine diesel engines have formed a working partnership to develop and distribute a range of Serial Hybrid diesel-electric drive installations for boats. Read more on Autobloggreen

Volvo develops fuel cells for extended range EV
n an effort to overcome one of the main drawbacks of battery electric vehicles, Volvo is initiating development of a hydrogen fuel cell that is expected to increase an electric car’s operating range by up to 250 km (155 miles). In the first phase of the project the company, together with Powercell Sweden AB, will conduct a study into a Range Extender, which consists of a fuel cell with a reformer that breaks down a liquid fuel - in this case petrol - to create hydrogen gas. The fuel cell then converts the hydrogen gas into electrical energy to power the car’s electric motor. Read more on Gizmag News

ECO-Mascherl für Kleinwägen? ECO-Mascherl für Kleinwägen?
GM/Opel bietet mit dem ecoflex Corsa einen sparsamen Kleinwagen. Stimmt das wirklich? Nach Analyse der Papiere des 2009er Modells ist anzumerken: Das Modell mit dem schwächsten Motor hat ein so genanntes Sportschaltwerk. D.h. durch zu hohe Drehzahlen auf der Landstraße und der Autobahn im 5.ten Gang verbraucht das Fahrzeug unnötigerweise Sprit. Audi's A1 und einzelne Toyota's iQs und Yaris' aber auch Peugeot's 3008er, VW's Polos und Fiat's 500er und Pandas sind mit dem 6-Gang Getriebe besser bedient. Oft werden diese aber nur für leistungsstarke Versionen und Dieselmotore angeboten, daher für die gewünschte (kleine) Motorisierung nachfragen. Das GM's Powertrain-Werk in Aspern könnte hier mit einer Version für Kleinwägen punkten oder liegen die Rechte des ehemaligen gemeinsamen Unterfanges dafür nun bei Fiat?

Ultralight Car  Initiative Ultralight Car Initiative
Why not reducing the drag? Check out this link.

Auto manufacturers agree on specifications to connect electrically chargeable vehicles to the electricity grid
The European automobile manufacturers have defined joint specifications to connect electrically chargeable vehicles to the electricity grid in a safe and user-friendly way. Read more on the website of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association

Advantages of e-mobility - a web 2.0. plattform Advantages of e-mobility - a web 2.0. plattform
The plattform informs in an appealing and generally understandable way about electric mobility. Visit

European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles
The EC has published a strategy for encouraging the development and uptake of clean and energy efficient ("green") heavy- (buses and trucks) and light-duty vehicles (cars and vans) as well as two- and three-wheelers and quadricycles. The aim of this strategy is to encourage the development and eventual widespread use of clean and energy efficient vehicles and to help the European car industry to strengthen its leading role globally basing its production on clean and energy-efficient technologies. The strategy contributes to the Europe 2020 objectives of smart and sustainable growth. It contains an Action Plan composed of over 40 concrete and ambitious measures to be implemented by the Commission. Visit the Website of EC for more information (presentation, summaries etc.).

Greenwashing stopped - Mini grows to a SUV Greenwashing stopped - Mini grows to a SUV
Is BMW decreasing again the corporate average fleet fuel efficiency after the boost of the efficient dynamics concept? Since we found a rarely camouflaged Mini-SUV the other day on the streets it is obvious that BMW concentrates more on the SUV than on the electric version of the make. May be X3, X5 and X5 driver will downgrade, may be not. It is more feasible that BMW has a policy which is much stronger than European policies reducing fuel consumption.

Fiat Introducing Fleet Version of eco:Drive
Fiat is introducing a fleet version of eco:Drive, its data-collection and transmission system designed to gather vehicle efficiency data and analyze car performance and driver style. eco:Drive Fleet allows savings of up to 15% on fuel consumption, as well as ensuring that all the car components are used with optimum efficiency, according to Fiat. See the whole article in

The Potentials of Electric Transport The Potentials of Electric Transport
A publication has been written by VCÖ providing an overview about electric vehicles, their potential and information about pros and cons about electric vehicles. See Website of VCÖ to download the report, which is available in English and German.

Financial Incentives on Electric Vehicles has published an overview in European countries about financial incentives on electric vehicles. See online report for more information.

Innovative Start-Stop System Innovative Start-Stop System
Instead of wearing heavy batteries Mazda uses they cylinder as pressurized storage unit (source). This saves fuel without adding a hefty extra weight - the precondition of savings in city and extra-urban driving at the same time.

Half a six cylinder for the masses Half a six cylinder for the masses
Whilst the German automakes have followed the Japanes some time ago adding three cylinders to the lower end of the offered motorisation, the French are now joining in late source. Remember that this one lacking cylinder reduces internal engine friction and increases MPG.

Guidebook for purchasing electric bicycles Guidebook for purchasing electric bicycles
The Austrian Energy Agency of Vorarlberg has recently published a guidebook providing an overview about electric bicycles characteristics. This report is available online, in German language

RECODRIVE among finalists in Slovenia
Project RECODRIVE has been voted by the expert committee as one of top three energy efficient project in Slovenia for 2010. The reward for “energy efficient project” is granted by Slovenian Ministry of Economy and newspaper Finance. The winner will be announced on 20th of April within conference “Days of energetics 2010”. More information can be found HERE (in Slovenian language only).

Savings in Logistics by Reducing Information Loss Savings in Logistics by Reducing Information Loss
Experience with parcel delivery services has revealed a source for savings. Apart from interactive systems announcing delivery times or attendance of recipients such simple actions as securing information delivers huge savings. Here are two examples: 1. Post-ebay order processing systems are omitting the company name when feeding the delivery address to the logistics firms. This results in unnecessary delivery attempts. 2. Even in large companies during the delivery process information like the company name gets lost and the same waste of fuel happens. Summarising, logistics companies should put some emphasis on reducing unnecessary delivery attempts by reducing information loss in the processes.

U.S. study confirms the RECODRIVE approach U.S. study confirms the RECODRIVE approach
Focusing on heavy duty vehicles, it summarises that "providing incentives to train vehicle operators in efficient driving techniques, could result in fuel savings of anywhere from 2 percent to 17 percent". source

Basics for sorting out fuel efficieny differences in PT Basics for sorting out fuel efficieny differences in PT
If you are procuring buses having been tested with a differing cycle or comparing drivers from different routes you have the same need to adjust for real worls conditions. The UITP publication mentions some formula where you might calibrate the consumption of offers but also rewarding schemes with the characteristics of the route.sample

GrazAG Verkehrsbetriebe - a follower from Austria GrazAG Verkehrsbetriebe - a follower from Austria
The public transport fleet in Graz has decided upon participating in the RECODRIVE project as follower. They could prove an excellent performance and thus FGM - the coordinator of the RECODRIVE project - has awarded the GrazAG Verkehrsbetriebe with the certificate for ECO-fleets of excellence!

No service - better for the environment? No service - better for the environment?
UPS says "The greenest delivery service is the one not provided." and offers pick-up services. Does this reduce energy consumption? We say. It depends. If the customer picks up the parcel in an suburban area - no! If you have pick-up centres near working or residential areas - yes! source BTW: the photo shows an all electric delivery truck!

FIAT EcoDrive tool FIAT EcoDrive tool
FIAT EcoDrive tool is available in models 500, Grande Punto & Bravo. EcoDrive tool is an innovative new application which can guide drivers to reduce fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and save money. Using the USB port of the system Blue & Me, the ecoDrive records analyse the way of driving and store it in any kind of USB stick. When you connect the USB stick to your computer, having installed the software EcoDrive, you can get tips for more environmentally friendly way to drive. And you may compete with others with regards to your savings!

Different CO<sub>2</sub>-labelling quality for shown vehicles Different CO2-labelling quality for shown vehicles
The Geneva auto-mobile saloon had some positive examples showing the energy labelling of cars. But it turned out that only those cars best ranked were labelled very visibly. Most of the exhibition was about power and luxury.

The Five Step Green Fleet Framework The Five Step Green Fleet Framework
EDF the U.S.A. based Environmental Defense Fund promotes a similar scheme like RECODRIVE does. Here you might download their flyer.

How OEMs are dealing with public procurements... How OEMs are dealing with public procurements...
and at the same time introduce product placement. BMW made the Austrian state a very good offer to take back the vehicles after only one year of driving. source. The stated CO2-emission of the procured vehicles is between 136 and 192 g/km. we know that the test ends at 120 km/h which is certainly not their travelling speed on Austrian highways, so be serious and give real figures instead! It would have been a wiser decision to opt for a 136 g/km limit, procuring for example the biggest cars produced in Slovakia with a price sticker of less than 70% of the chosen solution to show the population a good will avoiding luxury. Other company fleets give a better example like those of Zurich airport, running HEVs.

Attempt to stop the discussion about range of electric vehicles Attempt to stop the discussion about range of electric vehicles
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology use the Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV) technology to power "trains" for public transportation in Seoul’s Grand Park in Gwacheon City. The vehicle receives electricity from power cables buried underground through a non-contact magnetic charging method and replaces a trackless combustion engine train running inside the park. Reac more on Gizmag news, March 2010

URTP Conference
A video about the URTP Conference held on the 12th of November 2009 in Bucharest. Video download

Worlds Biggest Solar Vessel
In the German city of Kiel the 31m boat featuring 500m² solar panels was presented by the Swiss project PlanetSolar. Next year a circumsailing of our planet is planned.

UK to Subsidize 25pct of All Electric Car Purchases
The British government stepped up its promotion of the electric auto industry by announcing a large subsidy program for electric cars bought in the UK and an infrastructure plan for battery recharging. Starting in 2011, the program offers a 5000 GBP rebate to private individuals and fleet buyers who buy an “ultra-low carbon car.” The government is also committed to building recharging hubs. In total, 230 million GBP are being made available in the subsidy program in addition to the 30 million GBP to be spent on hubs, called “Plugged-In Places,” in car parks, supermakets and select areas. Up to 11,000 Plugged-In Places are scheduled to be built. Read more on

Eco-driving workshop and RECODRIVE Certification ceremony in Slovenia Eco-driving workshop and RECODRIVE Certification ceremony in Slovenia
University of Maribor has organized workshop on eco-driving and more than 80 participants, coming from companies, universities and public administration, have attended. Lectures on impact of eco-driving on environment, concrete information on how to implement fuel saving measures in companies as well as practical experiences from RECODRIVE demonstrator companies have gained interest and vivid debate has contributed to overall success of the workshop. The workshop ended with certification ceremony and RECODRIVE certificates were handed out to demonstrator companies.

Three E's of Green Fleet Management Three E's of Green Fleet Management
Three areas should be covered according to (1) Efficiency Gains (2) Alternative Energies and (3) Changing Operating Environments This underlines the RECODRIVE approach covering (1) and (3) and introducing alternative propulsion on top of of alternative energy in (2).

Very Nice Video from the U.S.A. Very Nice Video from the U.S.A.
A very well made Ecodriving video targeting private drivers may be found here. The video was provided by the Environmental Defense Fund and is titled "How Small Changes in Driving Add Up To A Big Win for the Environment"

Speed Limiters save 7-8% Fuel with Vans Speed Limiters save 7-8% Fuel with Vans
British Gas, TNT and Royal Mail have experienced fuel savings of 7% to 8% after installing speed limiters. The maximum speed of 100 km/h reduces speeding and overproportional losses due to the often bad aerodynamics and bigger cross-sectional areas of vans. source Twenty cars as well as a London bus and taxi took part in a six-month trial scheme 2009, organised by Transport for London (TFL). The demonstration took place on the M25, savings of 5.8% were mentioned here . Devices might be bought at least from those companies: U.S.A. legislation is more advanced though than that of the EU. In some countries speed limiters are prescribed. But van users might advance quicker reading those tips. Please also consider our own RECODRIVE 10+ tips for sustainable fleet management and give feedback or apply for a certification of your ecodriving measures.

Increase Fuel Efficiency by Retreading? Increase Fuel Efficiency by Retreading?
With bigger tires retreading is an issue to save on tire cost. Under some circumstances it is possible also to gain on efficiency when retreading: If you have tires with big blocks you might opt for a new fuel efficient tread. Or by changing from traction to ribbed design for misspecified trailer tires. Even if you don't intend to retread or won't save on retreading you will certainly profit from the insight reading this article. Some key words:
  • equalising twin tire pressure
  • finger probe of wheel misalignment
  • moisture removal in the filling air or switch to nitrogen?
  • maintenance with pressure gauges


Refining of CO<sub>2</sub>related vehicle taxes needed Refining of CO2related vehicle taxes needed
If we are looking at taxation results, we see that there are no incentive to procure vehicles with less ancillary power demand. You think that you should be rewarded when you abstain from comfort and luxury devices? Nope - this is not the case, so far. We are thus calling to base the CO2 taxes on more realistic figures and include average consumption figures for:
  • electric window control
  • A/C
  • multimedia and infotainment
  • seat heating


Are Scooters wasting fuel by design?
What we learned from professional ecomodder Allert Jakob, his 125cc scooter of Japanese provenance has an automatic clutch disengaging below 200 RPM. As ecodriver you know that this is not the bottom value if you really dive into ecodriving. So when buying a scooter which might give you a better mileage than a car check out the system anyhow, so you may go lower in mpg! source

Marketing with ecomodded cars Marketing with ecomodded cars
EDF Innovation Exchange proposes using boat tails as advertising space with fleets. Here in Europe parking poses an issue and may be that's not a good idea. But fortunately there are other bright and feasible ideas. Take the covers for the wheels for example... The photo shows the placement of the recodrive URL virtually. source Eco-modding explained

RECODRIVE  podcast- project overview RECODRIVE podcast- project overview
The podcast gives a short overview about the RECODRIVE project. It gives information about the possibility to get a follower certificates as well as some information about the RECODRIVE demonstrators and successful driver trainings.
Podcast: recocast0.mp3

Funding gives fuel saving a boost - well in the U.S.A. only... Funding gives fuel saving a boost - well in the U.S.A. only...
The fed funded companies will be introducing with heavy trucks
  • waste heat recovery systems
  • fuel cell and electric auxiliary power units to reduce engine idling
  • improved aerodynamics
  • hybridization and
  • tires with reduced rolling resistance.

RECODIVE in conference RECODIVE in conference "Transport & Environment"
Project RECODRIVE was presented in the conference "Transport & Environment" organized in cooperation with Slovenian Ministry of Transport.

4l/100km car, seriously
Japanese are known to invest time in quality, this time it's fuel efficiency. Suzuki reduced the weight of the Alto, added CVT and reduced comfort gadgets like powered windows. The axle transmission was driven to new heights contributing to the improvement. The nexz high-light is the price - 7500 USD means that even less wealthy people not able to afford high-tech German diesel technology may qualify as eco-warriers. This is important strategic new since VW holds some stake in Suzuki. This car might be their alternative product for less wealthy regions in the world. With CVT ecodriving remains an issue trying to avoid unnecessary stops, if they would have added deceleration energy regeneration the may be not any more. Read more here

ECO-DRIVING safely for taxis and for buses and coaches
ECO-driving is not only an easy and cost-efficient way to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gases and accident rates, but is also an attitude and respect for society as a whole. In order to help drivers adjust their driving behaviour to different situations, the IRU has developed this check-list of smart, smooth and safe ECO-driving techniques. click here click here

KLM performs first biofuel powered flight KLM performs first biofuel powered flight
Using a 50 percent biokerosene/50 percent normal jet fuel mix to power one of its four engines, a Boeing 747 carrying 40 select passengers last week circled the Netherlands for an hour in what KLM claims is the first flight of its kind in Europe. See article from Gizmag Nov. 2009 News on the KLM website

Ten Tips for Fuel Saving
Compiling 10 most valuable tips for (private) motorists, Recodrive tries to attract more readers to the website. Beware the tips are somewhat unorthodox. But you profit from the subsummising more tips into a list of only ten. download

Download detailed fleet management assessment guidelines
Based on an audit approach that the Wales Audit Office has now adapted into two self-assessment tools. Public sector organisations can use the tools to review their fleet management arrangements where work has not previously been carried out, or to follow up the results of their formal external audit review. more

3 New Ecodriving Cases From The U.S.A. 3 New Ecodriving Cases From The U.S.A.
May be its easier saving fuel when starting from a lower level. Anyhow it is amazing how much initiative towards sustainable fleet management stems from abroad: Find here many useful materials and three case descriptions, two for trucks and one about company car policy. more...

What VW/Audi has learned from the Lupo/A2 3l tragedy
Do you have the impression that somebody does it right, perfectly right? After realising that no other full hybrid will come close to Toyotas THS II in simplicity and market approach, there had been a longer pause. But now Volkswagen seems to have created a real competitor consuming only half the energy the Prius does. What is this UP! lite concept about? It's diesel-electric, featuring a very small diesel power generator and it utilises lightweight materials. Its looks spaceous and ready for the markets but its a study for now. We hope it will really materialize into mass production as we also have seen some attemots to make the old Hondy Insight lighter by using carbon fibre. The more expensive the powertrain the more you may invest into lightweight materials being able to downsize the power train especially the most expensive batteries (source). Read more here or here about this two seater, two litre (70 MPG U.S. ) concept which might show up in different makes. One remark: Diesel electric and serial hybrid are similar but diesel-electric lacks the energy storage - the VW-concept will be a serial hybrid one.

Nice Sticker Warning Non-Ecodrivers Nice Sticker Warning Non-Ecodrivers
Unfortunately Europe is deserted in terms of innovative individual hypermiling approaches. Have a look at this attempt to improve fuel economy on a pick up truck. more... BTW: The stickers say: "Hypermiling - Please Pass" and "Drive Slowly - Save Lives and Gas"

Cash for Clunkers Scheme Improving Fuel Efficiency? Cash for Clunkers Scheme Improving Fuel Efficiency?
Latest reports from the U.S give a modest increase of 0.2 MPG (average fleet consumption) as result of the scrappage fees (source). European figures will follow after leaking to the public.

 	 Towards Sustainable Production and Use of Resources: Assessing Biofuels Towards Sustainable Production and Use of Resources: Assessing Biofuels
The United Nations Environment Programme has released a report that explores published research about the risks and benefits of biofuels This report is available at the Transport Research Board

The 2l Car - or 100 mpg if you want, has it a future? The 2l Car - or 100 mpg if you want, has it a future?
Since 3l cars are around us (3l diesel/100km) and the 1l car is in development, we actually might drive a used 2l (2.35 l petrol/100km) car achieving fuel efficiency of 100 MPG. The production ended in 2005. Check it out here or here. Sorry, you will get it only in Japan, the home of the kei-cars (small cars) since European governments unfortunately do not produce sufficient boundary conditions for a flourishing microcar market.

Bio-Ethanol Back in Business Bio-Ethanol Back in Business
After the launch of Dacia's Logan MCV in a ethanol-fueled version we might consider the bio-fuel crisis being over. People have learned that consumption should be reduced first to be able to use bio-fuels on a larger scale and certified bio-fuels will not harm the environment but significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Go On!

First eco driving add-on package hits the market First eco driving add-on package hits the market
Our dreams came through. OEMs are now offering packages improving fuel efficiency for more than one model. Germany's Volkswagen from Wolfsburg might be first - the package is called BlueMotion Technology Package and the Ecodriving Add-On package might be bought for €425 for the Golf, also available for gasoline versions. And yes if you drove the old Golf II switch on to the Polo, its almost of the same size and consuming 3.3 l/100km only instead of 3.8. But beware only skilled ecodrivers will achieve those values in daily practice. You have to extinct all your frustration induced wrong doings, driving wise. If you don't want to buy a new car try that modifications of the package on you own:
  • buy smaller high efficiency tires
  • lower your vehicle
  • stop the engine whenever you can
  • modify the front and underbody section reducing drag
  • add aerodynamic spoilers (wisely)
  • avoid braking whenever possible
Additionally you might think about cutting of anciliarly consumers, if safety is not affected or mount smaller mirrors.

Aerodynamic improvements with trucks street legal? Aerodynamic improvements with trucks street legal?
In the USA there are some actions to improve fuel efficiency by utilising boat tails, but in Europe we have more rigid checks of alterations. So please start lobbying to ease the homologation of modified fuel saving vehicles, either cars or trucks. The first European initiative covering trucks is that from PART, here is the source of the information.

Higher efficiency for light commercial vehicles? Higher efficiency for light commercial vehicles?
The European Commission proposes legislation to limit the CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles. This seems to be good new but the sad story is that OEM lobbying has prevented from going the full way. So carrying around warm air in oversized and polluting vehicles will be continued especially in northern countries, whereas the southern will user their APEs and the like... source

Technology Roadmap Electric vehicles Technology Roadmap Electric vehicles
The International Energy Agency has released a report that explores a detailed scenario for the evolution and market penetration of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles through 2050. The report is available at the Transportation Research Board

Save 5% by choosing the right winter tyre Save 5% by choosing the right winter tyre
Recent tests have shown that for example the Opel/Vauxhall Astra consumes 0.4l/100km less with the best performing tyre from Yokohama compared with the worst performing Hankook W 440 Icebear

RECODRIVE will be present in technical sessions about Sustainable Industrial Mobility RECODRIVE will be present in technical sessions about Sustainable Industrial Mobility
BESEL will participate introducing RECODRIVE project in technical sessions about Sustainable Industrial Mobility organised by REMAR Network with a conference titled "RECODRIVE project: Measures for saving energy in fleets - staff training and motivation". REMAR (Energy and Environment Network) is organising this transregional technical sessions showing best practices of technology users (more info about REMAR goto website). The session will take place in Logroño next 3 of November. You can download the Session Programm by clicking here

No  mandatory tyre efficiency labelling in Europe? No mandatory tyre efficiency labelling in Europe?
There was much hope that a new directive will boost energy saving in transport. But the latest legal text will not include mandatory schemes. Read more here.

Brand new study documents OEM improvements, but EU CO<sub>2</sub> targets are not met... Brand new study documents OEM improvements, but EU CO2 targets are not met...
The new T&E study shows significant progress from 2007 top 2008, especially with VWs blue motion models, the Volvo S40, Ford Fiesta Econetic, Mercedes BlueEfficiency Power and BMW Efficient Dynamics But anyhow all of them remain far away from the EU's target line for 2015 which starts with 120g/km for lighter vehicles. And yes this model does not give incentives to build lighter cars, is there something wrong with it? Download the full study via this link The countries with the worst average fleet CO2 emission are Cyprus, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. The leading countries are Portugal and France, both approaching 140g/km.

Report on developments in the biofuel industry published Report on developments in the biofuel industry published
The Minnesota Project has released a report that examines the status of major developments in the biofuels industry. It acts as a tool to provide an overview of the current status of major developments in the biofuels industry. The report is available as a pdf here

Drive in Backward Direction to Save Fuel Drive in Backward Direction to Save Fuel
GM found out that some design studies had better drag coefficients when put backwards into the air channel (source). Some people say that may be some vehicles on the road might save fuel if driven backwards. We need to issue a warning, Don't do that unless you drive a forklift -:) BTW the small mirrors was made by Magna- this would save another 1% with the Volt/Ampera , maybe.

The benefits of driving a small car in NYC The benefits of driving a small car in NYC
“You can get through the traffic because you can always go up the side,” Check out this Auto Ego article in the New York Times, more If you favour the Austrian flavoured Cinquecento, the Puch 500, check out this video.

DIY  improvements of aerodynamics DIY improvements of aerodynamics
In those time were major V6 promoters are awarded "greenest auto maker" it is most important to redirect focus on innovation from private. This very innovative chap has redone the under-body thus reducing aerodynamic drag. Good luck! read more

RECODRIVE went over its threshold handing out the 20th certificate. RECODRIVE went over its threshold handing out the 20th certificate.
Way before the projects end the certificate was awarded to the 20th fleet, thus fulfilling the promised threshold. The fleet sizes differ we have smaller ones but also very large public transport companies operating several hundreds of buses. Contact us to be certified too.

Unusual Ecodriving with old car Unusual Ecodriving with old car
In the USA an event has shown that knowledge about cars does help lowering fuel consumption even if this knowledge resulted from car racing. Don't try that at home, dangerous driving habits and modification included, however the fact that older cars may be run fuel efficiently is somehow motivating for poorer people. source!

Tips for truckers Tips for truckers
Some tips you will enjoy boosting your fuel economy- the best however is the user comment - I would like to do so but my wife complains..... more One additional remark: with unsafe refuelling stations - it pays of to have better fuel economy - you not only safe fuel but improve personal security and are avoiding vehicle loss - if you may drive by.

Ecodriving with HEVs Ecodriving with HEVs
The method with hybrid electric vehicle is called pulse and glide, more

First engine factory certified to run with B20
GM announced to provide a small truck with an engine that is factory certified to run on a B20 biodiesel blend by 2010. see article from Autoblog Green, August 2009

Incentives for electric vehicles in New Zealand
No road user charges until 2013 for electric vehicles in New Zealand. see article from Traffic Technology Today, August 2009

Lacking air pressurization at refuelling  stops Lacking air pressurization at refuelling stops
Is it coincidence or tactics - at Croatian refuelling stations with Austrian brand tire pressure control is not possible due to the absence of measuring pressurization devices. This clearly hinders spreading of Ecodriving habits. We hope that this absence of service quality is answered by the customers choosing other brands and a swift retrofitting of the defaulting stations.

Mobile phone usage worsens your mileage Mobile phone usage worsens your mileage
Not without surprise it was found out that distraction reduces fuel economy. This time the usage of mobile phones is concerned. So it does not help al lot using hands-free equipment- neither for safety and even less for fuel efficiency. more

Biodiesel produced from chicken feathers
Researchers from the university of Nevada in Reno (USA) have demonstrated to produce biodiesel out of chicken feathers. see article in the NY Times, July 2009

Guide to Sustainable Biofuels Procurement for Transport published
Biofuels Cities has published a guid on the procurement of Biofuels in Transport, also providing recommendations for overcoming other challenges related to implementing biofuelled transport. Download

New fuel efficient cars for company fleets New fuel efficient cars for company fleets
You are not stuck with choosing only from a few cars like the Seat Ecomotive or its VW siblings since Peugeot launches 207 model with CO2 emissions under 100g/km, the French term to remember is ECONOMIQUE source.

Toyota will invest in jatropha bio-diesel plant
see article from Autobloggreen, June 2009

How to attain fuel efficiency for buses: tips&tricks from How to attain fuel efficiency for buses: tips&tricks from
There are a number of factors affecting how one can achieve savings in fuel consumption of buses, as summarized in a series of articles posted on, a free business social network and community platform for the bus world. The Tips&Tricks section provides a list of variables and the % change in fuel consumption. Values here are given as a reference for estimation purposes. The author suggests to not sum up the individual percentage data, but always to start with a new base value to calculate the fuel consumption. As a final rule of thumb, to start your vehicle every time by saying “I am a novice driver" and try to implement all the mentioned tips and advice. More infos on

New regulations for tyres New regulations for tyres
An agreement has been reached between the representatives of the European Parliament and member states where tyres are concerned. This agreement aims to improve the situation regarding rolling resistance and thus the energy efficiency of new tyres by around 20% by 2016. This will translate into a decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of some 3% for cars and trucks. The agreement has been welcomed by the European Transport & Environment federation, even if it contains ‘nothing revolutionary’. More news on

Super light heavy trucks coming Super light heavy trucks coming
Volvo says its engineers could use aircraft technology to cut truck weights by 20% in ten years. Running lighter trucks would save fuel, cash and emissions. Carl Fredrik Hartung, project manager at Volvo Technology, says the firm has a computer simulation to show how thousands of small design changes can cut weight without cutting payload capacity or strength. "We have come a long way but a great deal of work remains before the first super-light vehicles hit the road," he says in video interview on the Volvo Group's web-site. He also hints at diesel electric hybrid power to cut fuel use further and says build volumes must be big enough to keep advanced material costs down.

Article in the RAPL magazine Article in the RAPL magazine
In the very beginning of 2009 RECODRIVE topic is also public in a Romanian magazine addressing about 5000 readers, representing mainly local authorities but transport sector operators and industry as well. The major goal of this article is to raise awareness on the importance of increasing fleets energy efficiency and how rewarding and recognition schemes can stimulate this target.

Providers opinion is of considerable support Providers opinion is of considerable support
Following the training course held on 19 May 2009 at RAT Craiova offices, here are the most interesting remarks of the new tested buses providers representatives: - it is useless to stop the engine at a red traffic light, being its variable duration, which is not inducing considerable fuel savings, but leave the gearbox in ‘zero’ position when the bus stopped at a traffic light; - a resolute and smooth acceleration is also recommended, with a further speed maintenance in an area where the velocity stage shouldn’t be changed too often, thus avoiding the consecutive changes among the automatic gearbox steps; this can be achieved through a very good knowledge on the bus line traffic charging and a good/real estimation of the traffic loading in front of the bus; - a monthly air filter cleaning is also strongly recommended, the on board devices alerting bus owners and drivers about these elements; All speakers presentations are uploaded at page ‘Evenimente’ page however being in Romanian.

First inputs from the training courses at RAT Craiova, Romania First inputs from the training courses at RAT Craiova, Romania
After the first six months of monitoring and training RAT staff categories, drivers and managers, the trainer is concluding some first recommendations:
  • as the on board devices are not able to register decimal fractions of the real fuel consumption, when starting the vehicle or filled it, bus provider will consider th epossibility to modify the software of this device;
  • drivers should monthly be trained and monitored on the manner they are using the curing retarder which is considerably influencing fuel consmuption, representing 60% of the engine breaking energy; for the case of RAT Craiova, the retarder is recommended to be used only on line 9 as in the city center (line 6) its efficiency is much lower;
  • there is a need to ‘educate’ passengers in the sense of making them aware of the importance of optimizing the duration of bus stopping at stops, by correctly using the doors of a bus (ascending/descending) thus making their flow more fluent; there was a proposal in this direction to produce and distribute some leaflets for passengers orientation in/out buses.


First event in Romania First event in Romania
URTP is sharing with RECODRIVE partners the most important results of the first dedicated event organized by URTP in Romania on 19 November 2008 at RAT Craiova offices. The information offered by RECODRIVE project was evaluated as very good: - 80% appreciated technical issues as very good and 20% as good - 55% appreciated economic issues as very good and 45% as good The first three more efficient measures for fuel savings and ecodriving, among the 7 recommended, are fleet management, on board devices and staff trainings, followed by public acquisition and best practices in Europe. Alternative propulsion and rewarding schemes are quite new measures in Romania. Among the three issues to be considered either as barriers or as incentives /opportunities in promoting fuel savings and ecodriving measures in transport: - legislation was considered as an opportunity by 80% of the participants - technical aspects are considered as an opportunity by 70% of the respondents - training and qualifications are considered as an opportunity by all of them (100%).

E.M.T. Madrid joins to RECODRIVE initiative E.M.T. Madrid joins to RECODRIVE initiative
The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (E.M.T.) has given a new step in its commitment with sustainable public transport implementing a demonstration of RECODRIVE project measures in order to evaluate the benefits obtained in terms of energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With more than 2.000 buses and 7.500 employees (about 5.500 drivers) EMT is the largest urban surface transport company in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. First results of demonstration will be known in next months and will draw valuable conclusions for the development of actions which enhance even more environmental performance of the fleet.

Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle System Component Development - Project HYSYS Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle System Component Development - Project HYSYS
On 30th of June the Technical workshop of EU project HYSYS took place at University of Maribor. Modified Fiat Panda running on hydrogen fuel cell was presented. With its PEM fuel cells and new generation air compressor it reaches top speed of 130 km/h with range more than 200 km and it can carry four passengers. More on the project

Savings achieved at Slovenian company Viator & Vektor Savings achieved at Slovenian company Viator & Vektor
In Slovenian demonstrator company Viator&Vektor (freight transport) 6 drivers and trucks were involved in demonstration. The initial savings achieved in driver training were 6%on average.In the following 6 months the drivers have achieved on average 4,52% fuel savings. Although the implementation of rewarding scheme has been postponed due to the economic crisis, substantial savings have been achieved through eco-driving training and fuel consumption monitoring alone. Total savings in liters of fuel come to 4.025 litres in six months for six trucks.

RECODIVE in conference RECODIVE in conference
Project RECODRIVE was presented in the conference "How to encourage creativity and innovation in education" held in Maribor. Participants were given the opportunity to test their eco-driving knowledge and skills on the "Ecodrive virtual trainer" simulation programme donated by project Ecodriven.


RECODRIVE in Baltic Transport Journal RECODRIVE in Baltic Transport Journal
An article on RECODRIVE project covering ecodriving, motivation and slovenian example was published in Baltic Transport Journal. You are kindly invited to download and read the article click

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tire Pressure Monitoring System
After a long time of research we found an interesting product for heavy duty vehicles for monitoring the tire pressure. The system is easy to install and the price is valuable. If you need more information just contac BEMAG - Alois Rathgeb

Successful Driver Trainings Successful Driver Trainings
Within the last weeks all demonstrator fleets of BEMAG in Austria had their Driver Trainings. They were a big success and the average reduction of fuel was 9,8 %. The feedback of the drivers was very good: "We where sceptic in the beginning of the trainings because we are busdrivers since many years. But it was very interesting and helpful. We should have these training once a year", so an anthousiastic driver.

Pay for Performance in Fleet Management
Recent economic trouble have led to a rethinking of remuneration schemes. It is almost sure that pay for performance schemes do corrupt intrinsic motivation. What does this mean for the rewarding schemes in fleet management. Well the first rule should be that work which comprises the possibility to achieve special aims should mainly be subject to recognition than rewarding. Only standard work, where no positive feedback nor degree of freedom is present should be used for recognition schemes. Literature Literature

18 out of 30 (wider) Europe countries do have no Ecodriving implemented! 18 out of 30 (wider) Europe countries do have no Ecodriving implemented!
According to G.v.Bressensdorf/EFA by mid 2008 there were a lot of white patches in Europe regarding the implementation of ecodriving in practice. Especially in the eastern part of Europe driver training and practice were lacking ecodriving content. But also in Spain and Ireland there was a no show, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands were lacking ecodriving in practice driver training. source

US. Trucking goes green
The Rocky Mountain Institute gave the topic more importance by figuring out the hurdles but also solutions from practitioners in a report. Some items from the list of fuel saving measures:
  • auxiliary power units
  • more efficient wide-base tires
  • improved aerodynamic mechanisms, such as trailer side skirts.
see more

New RECODRIVE branding - mobile advertising New RECODRIVE branding - mobile advertising
The newly branded electric city car is on the road again after one day glue hardening. The picture shows ist in front of the first electric charging station in Graz - now closed - remembering that implementation of battery electric vehicles has once failed, years ago.

An awful lot of refurbishing tips An awful lot of refurbishing tips
Ecomodder holds them all, tips how to improve fuel ecomnomy on your ride- attention passenger car focussed -click here and get them all. For truck you may visit

First ten RECODRIVE fleets certified! First ten RECODRIVE fleets certified!
A few days after sending out the check-list for the certification process, the first ten fleets were awarded the certificate partly as fleet of excellence surpassing the minimum criteria. The check-list does include allow different approaches for accessing Ecodriving so you might also get this certificate which is embedded also in the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign where RECODRIVE is partner of. Please contact the project partner in your country to get the certificate.

Shut down after 10 Seconds
Especially with gasoline engines it makes sense to shut them down when idling could occur for more than 10 seconds.source

Ecodriving for farmers Ecodriving for farmers
The John Deere S.T.A.R.-programme is training sales personnel. The savings point by point:
  • choose the right engine power- if you have infrequent jobs requiring more power rent a larger tractor for them.
  • choose the right gear box with fitting increments
  • use a fuel saving power take off shaft
  • use a load sensing hydraulic system
  • reduce weight removing unnecessary counter weight
  • clean air filters save 5%
  • air cooler cleaning may save 7%
  • jobs should be consolidated saving km
  • the depth of the soil working (ploughing, harrowing) should be as small as possible
  • larger areas need larger equipment, not faster operation
  • don't drive on wet soils if possible
  • the right tire pressure may help saving 10-20% - choose an automated pressurization system allowing pressure reduction on deep soils and increase when driving on streets
source (in German) Photo from

Reduced speed as savier of beleaguered trucking companies?
Figures from cargo vessels may be interesting also for truck fleets. By reducing the speed and managing better loads one may save 10-12 percent fuel. The idea of reducing average speed may be transferred to trucking under the condition, that driver costs plus reduced fees because of longer transport duration is overcompensated by better fuel economy. Has anybody experienced such a case? May be this is the case for road trains with higher consumptions?

Aerodynamics revisited Aerodynamics revisited
May be we will see reduction of fuel consumption with speeding Germans - Daimler will be selling cars with a drag coefficient Cd of less than .20 in just 5 years. source Photo from

Breakthrough in lightweight materials?
The use of aluminium increased with passenger cars but has some drawbacks with commercial vehicles (more complex repair, need for electric isolation or avoiding contact with steel preventing corrosion...). Therefore we are looking eagerly to a new stainless steel sheet material developed by Volvo, which looks and behaves like ordinary sheet metal, has the strength of solid stainless steel but with the weight of aluminium - so the producer Lamera says. (link to the website)

Greening Fleets - U.S.A. Show Case
Greening Fleets - A road map to lower costs and cleaner corporate fleets- an astonishing similar approach to recodrive may be found here

ECODRIVING assist making the difference? ECODRIVING assist making the difference?
Imagine you buy a cheaper car e.g. a lean hybrid electric one and save the same amount of money by following the ECODRIVING assist system. That might well be Hondas strategy with its new Insight car. But since Toyota will fight back with similar or even better driver support - and yes their option are stronger offering a full hybrid concept and not a lean one - we will follow the race for more fuel efficiency. And yes, off course we miss the good aerodynamics (see left) of the old Insight with the remake.

The impact of ecodriving tools
For ecodriving professionals it might be funny to listen to the bloggers but FIATs sites provide insight what could be wrong with motorists attitudes. ECO:DRIVE STATISTICS background video speaks about future plans targeting fleets and live tips! The lengthy video describes also the compromise between usability and accuracy with regards to indicators.

Bajaj targeting 30km/l = 3.3 l/100km
Not new to the planet but another auto maker committing lo fuel saving The difference is that the car will be affordable too... The negative message was issued months before- not until 2011. source

Hybrid delivery vans may reduce your fuel bill by one quarter Hybrid delivery vans may reduce your fuel bill by one quarter
Iveco and Fedex presented results from a 4,900 mile test. The earnings were 26.5 percent decrease in fuel consumption... source Please consider that this will be only for delivery vans in cities.

Rewarding fuel saving HEV drivers Rewarding fuel saving HEV drivers
A producer initiated ecodriving initiative rewards £100 for the best driver (only one???) source

London will convert gas stations into loading stations for Electric vehicles London will convert gas stations into loading stations for Electric vehicles
The basic idea is to offer refreshements at the stations while the vehicles are charged in one of the 12 bays, taking approximately 20 minutes. The first station will be build in Grovesnor Road. see Article from ZoomiLife, March 2009

Economy package for trucks Economy package for trucks
Freightliner introduces some improvements like rear wheel fairings, underbody panels, a roof deflector and a front air splitter. The side mirrors were replaced by cameras reducing drag. While cruising the height is reduced using air bladders. Wireless tire pressure monitoring sends data to an onboard navigation/infotainment screen in the cabin. The RunSmart Predictive Cruise control uses slope data to optimise the driving. source One question remains - why we don't have more of this in Europe? IVECOs black show truck vanished somehow...

Innovation in Navigation Systems Innovation in Navigation Systems
Garmin now enters the market with a device which focuses on heavy goods transport. Since it deals with safety relevant data (height at underways) we hope that the piece of software is not green banana like Garmins ecoroute add-on. long-haul navigation and delivery truck GPS Nüvi 465t source Ecoroute lacks a description of the algorithm how it computes the eco-index, has overlapping text so it is hardly to read and does require navigation mode for the ecoroute capabilities. So if you drive known routes and are deeper into the issue, the add on is not a big help- but its's free and you might give it a try and hope that Garmin will work further on its quality and usability.

Learn aerodynamics from racing Learn aerodynamics from racing
Sportcars may not have the highest fuel efficiency but they are often optimised for low drag in order to reach high velocities. The Porsche Panamera Aero features an aerodynamic underbody, which is expected for every eco-car. source img text

0.4 l engine suffices - zero point four, believe it! 0.4 l engine suffices - zero point four, believe it!
The .4-liter 4-cylinder engine is planned for use as a range-extender in the 2011 Volt. This is a spelling mistake beating even the 0.5 l engine size of the light weighted Axon? Possibly yes because they talk about 1.4l elsewhere, But its not a environmentalist, its the New York Times citing GM' s own John Bereisa: All we need is 67 horsepower, enough to maintain the batteries’ charge source The game internal combustion vs. electric is open again. If a maximum speed of 110 km/h is ok for you, a dual mode vehicle with the help of good aerodynamics will be an affordable option. And for strictly city coverage battery electric alone with fast charging spots will be the best option, thanks to new battery technology. But may be it will not be a luxury brand introducing this low cost dual mode option but BYD or TATA?

eco racing austria
Students from the technical University Graz are working on a fuel cell powered eco-racer. Thea are targeting 1l per 5000 km. Find more here

Is is true, flaps for vans?
Research have developed rear spoilers reducing drag by 5%. source Since there are no photoes we don't know whether they are Vortex generators. You may also find some radical aerodynamic constructions here, enjoy the freedom of design.

Thermoelectric may save 5% Thermoelectric may save 5%
Until now we thought 7% of the 30% exhaust waste may be regenerated but VW claims to improve fuel efficiency by 5%. source.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Get Cheaper Hybrid Electric Vehicle Get Cheaper
If you want to know ho Honda has reduced the price of its new Insight to around 20,000 USD, have a look at this site. It is important to note that by making hybrid electric cheaper the investment pays off also for lower annual mileages. Our photo on the left features the old Honda Insight.

Policies go tighter Policies go tighter
After the failure of the Auto-Oil Initiative in Europe (download pdf) which turned out to be a marketing gag holding up the pace, regulations both in Europe and in the U.S.A. are stricter now or will be. Three examples:
  1. Via bill - SB295 - Pennsylvania is introducing idling rules by February 2009 . Diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 5000kg are limited to idling times of five minutes per hour. There are some exemptions for low temperatures or low emission trucks
  • The European Union might prescribe tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS explained) by 2012 source adding to the CO2 limits which were introduced recently (we reported).
  • In Ontario U.S.A. the introduction of speed limiters is discussed for trucks source.

  • 02/2009

    Tired of Loremo messages? Here is an alternative, named Axon! Tired of Loremo messages? Here is an alternative, named Axon!
    The Axon hatchback is a demonstration how to achieve lower price and lower weight at the same time. May be there are more options how to make use of recycled high-tech materials. source The Loremo seams to be more fort the motor sport enthusiasts and not for every day life in European cities web site.

    3.333 l/100km for the new Honda Insight? 3.333 l/100km for the new Honda Insight?
    The Tech-On website has published the Japanese figures for the new Honda Insight (which has nothing in common with the original Insight).The Eco Assist (Ecological Drive Assist System) is enhancing the fuel economy. But figures of 26.0km/L under the JC08 test mode and 30km/L under the 10-15 test mode translate to 3.33 to 3.85 l/100km, which is rather spectacular. We can't wait to see the Eco Assist in the Honda Jazz but please with a smaller internal combustion engine so you go below 3 l/100km. This should be possible since aluminium got cheaper those days... source

    Electric BMW Mini to be deployed in US pilot
    BMW will deploy a fleet of some 500 all-electric vehicles for daily use in a pilot project (California, New York and New Jersey). The Mini is powered by a 150 kW electric motor combined with lithium-ion battery having a range of 240 km. It is also considered to offer the Mini on the European market. see website of trial

    EU regulations CO<sub>2</sub> from passenger cars EU regulations CO2 from passenger cars
    CO2 from passenger cars is now regulated since voluntary comittments by the producers failed. The new regulation is very practice oriented and leaves room for small producers and producers focussing on biofuels instead till 2015. The long term objective for 2020 is 95 grams per kilometre source

    Thermoelectric enters the market increasing ICE efficiencies Thermoelectric enters the market increasing ICE efficiencies
    Komatsu now offers power generators driven by the engine exhaust gas. The efficiency is 7.2% only but a first step is made. source

    U.S.A. EPA SmartWay programme certifying energy saving tires U.S.A. EPA SmartWay programme certifying energy saving tires
    Within the SmartWay program maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency cleaner, more efficient truck technologies are promoted. The certified vehicles have to use certified parts. For tires low rolling resistance is the criterion. Energy saving devices are exempt from federal excise taxes. more... In Europe there are claims that the use of energy saving tires by OEMs should reduce the figure on the CO2-label. source.

    Hybrid Tractors delivering Coke Hybrid Tractors delivering Coke
    Coca Cola announcement to add 185 hybrid electric trucks to those in its existing fleet of heavy duty hybrid trucks. Those new vehicles will be used for semi-trailers and using Eatons hybrid power train. A motor/generator, working with the transmission and a series of lithium ion batteries, allows the truck to source electrical power instead of gas when travelling at speeds below 30 MPH. source While distribution in the USA using semi trailers in cities might be stop and go, in most Europes cities the smaller versions would be appropriate. Eaton uses parallel-type, diesel-electric hybrid architecture with automated transmission. An electric motor/generator is located between the output of an automated clutch and input of the transmission. The system recovers braking energy. The system can also be designed to provide energy for use during engine-off worksite operations (ancillary power), further reducing noise, emissions and fuel costs.

    Cash for scrapping old cars may increase CO<sub>2</sub> Cash for scrapping old cars may increase CO2
    The discussion might be ending earlier if the rules are less open. In Germany age and EURO standard are criteria, but what about CO2? If you trade a 750kg sedan with 1.5 engine (7-8l/ gasoline100km) for a 1750kg Van (8-9l diesel/100km), you might emit more after the change and get the "Umweltprämie".

    Ecodriving and Navigation Team Ecodriving and Navigation Team
    ecoRoute – Garmin'a free software update for compatible nüvi products allows users to select the most fuel-efficient route and even track their fuel usage. With ecoRoute, drivers will be able to save gas and money by adopting smarter driving habits while also helping to reduce the impact on the environment. source

    First US plane using biofuels First US plane using biofuels
    Continental Airlines made a first demonstration flight powered in part by alternative fuels (derived from algae and jatropha plants). see Article from Huffington Post, January 2009

    Toyota presents concept of hybrid forklift Toyota presents concept of hybrid forklift
    At the CeMAT 2008 Toyota presented a hybrid forklift based on the Toyota Prius Technology. see Press release, May 2008

    Hydrogen powered Fuel Cell Ship Hydrogen powered Fuel Cell Ship
    Allthough the high flying plans rolling out the hydrogen economy may be stopped by the economic crisis there are still activities in this domain. One has been seen at the in Hamburg H2 EXPO, where the ZEMSH2IPS project had a presentation (download as pdf)

    CO2 related motorbike tax in Spain
    The new tax is influenced by the CO2-emission but also the brake power: 80 - 100 g/km 4.75% 100 - 120 g/km 9.75% > 120 g or > 74 kW 14.75% source in Spanish In the UK there is a discriminating road tax for motor bikes doubling the old figure for bikes, other vehicle below 100 g CO2/km will not pay the tax. source. On the other hand it should be said that 4.1 l/100km is a lot for a two wheeler equalling 36.4 kWh/100km. Electric microcars have less than 10 kWh/100km.

    Electric Car Charging Points Electric Car Charging Points
    Currently charging spots for electric vehicles are deployed in Israel by a company called Bette Place Israel. The charging points are intended to be used worldwide on parking spaces. read more / source Article from Traffic Technology International, December 2008

    Ecomodding in Japan Ecomodding in Japan
    In some modding shops you can buy parts improving the fuel economy of your Prius further. Some photos however reveal lack of consequence - looking at the spectacular rims. But you may opt for
    • fender skirts
    • side skirts
    • bumpers
    • spoilers

    The return of market driven economy The return of market driven economy
    Whilst in the past years it was not clear whether human beings are driven by advertising and tendencies to show-off, we now see a return of the homo oeconomicus. Efficient economy needs producers adapting to the needs of the consumers and perfect information of the consumers about the market offer. Fiat will re-introduce two cylinder engines coping with the trend to more fuel efficient vehicles offering a 900cc engine in vehicles with less than 100 g CO2/km source. The engine will not only be featured in the new Topolino but also with bigger vehicles. Germany will introduce a labelling showing the fuel economy more clearly. So there is hope that the crisis will lead to some improvements at least whilst we have to cope with the other negative effects of the automotive industry driven to the wall with inappropriate products Source in German.

    Germany funding fuel guzzlers Germany funding fuel guzzlers
    The new scheme to support spendings does not focus on CO2. This means that vehicle with unlimitetd CO2 emission will profit from the financial incentives. This is the second bad message of the day: After London made a similar step allowing more vehicles to enter free of charge, this lead to a collapse of the interst in battery electric vehicles.

    Crisis watering down European CO2 limits for cars?
    The compromise foresses "only" 65% achievement of the 120g/km limit for 2012 for newly licensed cars. But this value will climb quickly 100% till 2015. This certainly give the German automakers the time to etsablish the vehicles on the market, Italian and French automakesr already produce...It remains a mistery why the Audi A2 3l has not re appeared in due time... The long term goal for 2020 is 95 g/km. This does not seam very ambituous since feasibility of CNG powered eco-vehicles having 65 g/km has been stated by Asian producers.

    Battery electric vehicles tested in Germany and Japan. Battery electric vehicles tested in Germany and Japan.
    BMW Group and Vattenfall Europe started in Berlin, Germany a field test using 50 BMW MINI E and publicly available recharging stations source in German. In Japan the Postal Services are testing different types of battery electric vehicles source. Amongst them a Mitsubishi i MiEV and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd's "Subaru Plug-in Stella Concept", but also this neighbourhood vehicle for delivery.

    Celebrating the phase out of the dinosaurs Celebrating the phase out of the dinosaurs
    On Nov. 26th the last SUV left Fords factory in Michigan U.S.A. The plant is now retooled to produce smaller more fuel efficient cars. source From Japan we learn that Suzukis 660ccm car is bought 70% by women. This could by a mistake, possibly men are owning the bigger family cars in Japan, but most of the time they will use public transport.... At least the comfort in the car is unparalleled despite of its size. source

    Ecological Drive Assist turns blue if you drive red Ecological Drive Assist turns blue if you drive red
    Hondas system changes the background light of the speedometer depending on your driving style. The system is abbreviated EDAS Ecological Drive Assist System source

    Ecodriving with boats
    Besides, speed reduction and engine maintenance fuel saving may be achieved by also a proper load balancing. source

    Japanese Logistics Company saves 21% fuel
    Miyam Inc. based in Nagano, Japan has an outstanding record in ecodriving. The campaign did not only focus on driver training but also comprises routing optimisation. source

    Does RECODRIVE promote Hypermiling?
    We recently learned that the Oxford word of the year might be hypermiling, e.g. attempting to maximize fuel economy by making fuel-conserving adjustments to one's car and one's driving techniques. RECODRIVE is happy to see that such activities find its way to the media. We only remind you not to endanger your safety doing so ;-) But yes we do promote Hypermiling.

    Seat Reduces Vehicle Weight and Vehicle Length Seat Reduces Vehicle Weight and Vehicle Length
    Performance of the new seat with improved yield strength::
    • 15% less weight
    • 40mm less thickness
    results in reduced vehicle length and fuel savings. More weight may be saved because the new seat also reduces the fixation points. source

    Aerodynamic tuning with Hondas Civic Aerodynamic tuning with Hondas Civic
    Mixed feelings when having a look at the photos. Certainly aerodynamics were improved, but the car looks aggressive and sporty... source

    Start'n Stop System With Trucks Cuts Idling Saving 2.8% Fuel Start'n Stop System With Trucks Cuts Idling Saving 2.8% Fuel
    We won't call it hybrid power trains but for urban delivery using trucks there might be fuel savings on the horizon. Mercedes started to offer stop'n start automatic in its ATEGO medium load trucks (source in German). The promised savings look feasible but might be enhanced by further hybridisation which is at least available for the Fuso Canter Hybrid tested in London (source).

    Volvo debuts Hybrid Electric Bus Volvo debuts Hybrid Electric Bus
    Claims to save 30% with the I-Sam parallel hybrid. Would be interesting knowing what the price premium for the hybrid plate is compared to other brands (MAN, Solaris) which are also offering hybrid buses. source

    France is new member in the CO2-taxation team
    France opted to introduce a bonus-malus system having an additional allowance for children. They also introduced a threshold for FFV, preventing biofuel SUV and van beautification. source or search for "Grenelle Consommation"

    Four persons - two wheels
    If you thought that you need a car to bring your three children to school - take that: video This is the most versatile lean solution I have ever seen. If you have only two children you may take that: view

    US Study states: B99 performs equally to petrodiesel
    Biodiesel with 99% blend performed equally if not better than regular petrodiesel. Furthermore, the vehicles used in the 13 week study had no mechanical issues, showed a reduction of approximately 20,000 kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions, a 78% reduction in particulate matter emissions, a 60-80% reduction in air toxins emissions, and 100% reduction in the emissions of sulphur compounds. read more / source... Article from Biofuel Review, September 2008

    Scania ethanol busses beeing tested by 40 cities
    In collaboration with CCI (Clinton Climate Initiative) 40 cities around the world (amongst them Madrid, Melbourne, Beijing and São Paulo) will now test the ethanol powered busses from Scania in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from urban traffic. With the third generation of ethanol engines which will also be used for trucks net carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 90 percent compared to a conventional diesel engine, if the engine is running on ethanol produced from sugar cane, for example. read more / source... Press Release from Scania, November 2007

    ECODRIVING on YouTube
    Microsoft and Fiat have teamed to set-up a nice tool which uses data transfer via USB stick from car to PC. Here are some nice videos explaining: view Claudia view Franco view Franco view Merv We see two problems:
    • why does this not pair with the navi to save playing around with USB and PC
    • why they recommend to brake before a bend slightly-the correct behaviour would be to release the throttle only.
    Here is the official EU-tube vidoe on the topic eu-tube and one official campaign with hints: view hints

    ECON follows 4WD switch ECON follows 4WD switch
    The past fuel price increase lead to deeper thoughts with manufacturers. Honda now offers two services the ECON switch and the InterNavi Premium Club service. The ECON switch alters the RPM where the CVT switches gears and also conditions of the A/C operation. 3% to 10% fuel saving is expected. The InterNavi calculates the most fuel efficient route. source

    ECODRIVING perversities
    While fuel prices are soaring, people fall into interesting attitudes. Automatic distance keeping gadgets are used to reduce the distance to a truck driving ahead... Another odd trick is folding the mirrors back... The safer and more effective variant would have been to trade the tested SUV in to a microvan. The Audi A2 was available in a 3l/100km version (78.4 MPG). source

    More efficient engines find its way to the market
    The PSA group will introduce a 3 cylinder 1.0l combustion engine as new offer. Customers having mainly city operation or being in countries with flat terrain and low speed limits may exploit the new engines in order to save fuel. source

    Taxi Drivers need no Ecodriving?
    Watch your taxis fuel gauge and wonder what happens. A recent glimpse revealed a consumption of 9.4 l/100km for a diesel limousine with automatic gear at an average velocity of 26km/h. This accounts to a fuel bill of 3€ per hour. We may learn from this that the economic pressure is not here to apply ecodriving broadly in the business. They accept reduced earnings of 1600€ per driver and year if you assume 8h per day and a savings potential of 30%. Or do they not account for that? Remember that the Prius needs 4.8-5.4 l/100km only.

    How far for 100 bucks? How far for 100 bucks?
    Yes its a US-based site but the idea is tremendous. Aligned on a road you find the most fuel efficient vehicles. Shifting to highway cycle the Toyota Prius looses the advantage over the Honda. source Please also note the rebirthing of the Honda Insight. Will it be the new leader? source

    Lobbyists vs. European Commission 0:1
    The recent vote in the environmental committee has given hope that the European Commission will stick to the 2012 target of 120 g CO2/km. It would be a shame not doing so - battery electric microcars manage having 45 g CO2/km. proposal for a regulation (in all languages) The facts: for each gram surpassing 130 g CO2/km starting from 2015 95 € will be levied, till 2020 95g CO2/km should be reached.

    State incentives proposed in Germany
    The social democrats are proposing to have a max. support of 1800€ for A ranked vehicles. Talks with retailers will follow. source in German We are highly interested in knowing whether prices of small efficient vehicles will further soar becaus of this financial support and whether other countries may come up with other types of incentives like 250l per capita fuel for a reduced tax for example. May be the EU will tighten mandatory CAFE regulations (corporate average fuel efficiency) or propose weight related road fees (and vehicle taxation).

    Tax deduction of company cars limited to 140 g CO2 /km
    The German Minister for the Environment Gabriel proposed to introduce a new incentive for users of company cars. The fuel expenses may only deducted from the tax basis limited by the amount of fuel accounting for 140 g CO2/km.

    Rational and unwise?
    Global speculation seems to have its counterpart in the behaviour of private individuals. In the U.S.A experts complain about the prominence of economy cars with bad emission and safety data- the Geo Metro. source. In Germany we see a similar phenomena having high prices of the Audi A2 3l car - consumption not displacements guys! - in contradiction to the US example a car with a better safety record. But the oil industry seems not to be more wise. Is is expected that extensive water injection may lead to collapsing oil fields for example in Saudi Arabia. Risk are nor exposed by the oil industry. Trailing examples are Baku and the USA where oil production ceases. Tar sands will have to step in, but this needs a lot of energy (200% of the output) and leaves open pits (n-tv docu The Oilcrash broadcastet 20-9-2008).

    Ecodriving all over Europe
    Two brands are promoting Ecodriving in Europe now: Toyota and Volvo- of course this is much cheaper for them than to have those fuel guzzlers eliminated from the the sales programme. And the promised 10% saving is realistic but way lower compared to the potential buying adequate vehicles (if not possible otherwise one very small one and a long distance vehicle - or switching to car sharing for the alternative) On the other hand if you see the quantities of Cinquecentos and Pandas rolling to the south Huckepack on the Südbahn there is hope... source Toyota's attempt source eco-safe Volvo

    Noise Cancelling Electronics Allows Better Fuel Efficiency
    Sometimes the engineering has to include human factors. Lowering further the engines RPM to get a better fuel efficiency is paired with "muffled noise". Toyota applied an electronic noise cancelling system in its Hybrid Crown. source

    Best Ever Hybrid Seeked Best Ever Hybrid Seeked
    The Honda Civic Hybrid may get a 1.3L i-VTEC engine with Honda’s IMA hybrid technology, which may result in better fuel economy compared to the Toyota Prius engine which may increase in size soon. There are still no published plans for a CNG hybrid with an even smaller engine - remember CNG has a higher octane rating allowing higher compression and thus smaller displacement.

    120g CO2/km in two steps - will battery electric profit?
    The Industry and Energy Committee proposed: 60 percent of vehicles will have to pass the new threshold of 120 g CO2/km in 2012, the rest in 2015. Extremely low emission vehicles with less than 50 g/km of CO2 will also be given extra credit counting as 1.5 vehicles in the sales weighted averaging. All electric vehicles will count as three cars until 2015. source This proposal was discussed by the parliament. The amendments may introduce a flat-fee 40 Euros per car and g over the limit, giving manufacturers until 2015 to meet the standard. Each vehicle sold which emits less than 70g/km could offset five other vehicles' fines until 2016. A final decision on this ruling will be made during September. We hope that the CO2 figures will be taken from real world test since we have seen that car makers CO2 figures may be 30% wrong. The proposal is worth mentioning since it might motivate the big manufacturers like the Porsche group to introduce small battery electric vehicles with its brands SEAT and VW.

    Ecodriving With Battery Electric Vehicles Saves 1/3 Ecodriving With Battery Electric Vehicles Saves 1/3
    This might be an unique information given the scarcity of battery electric vehicles. Not surprisingly for the fact but the amount - the consumption per 100km dropped from more than 11 kWh to 7.4kWh. This may be caused by the individual cell control when charging but mostly by the improved Coulomb's efficiency. This by transiting from lead acid to LiFePO4 you may save 25%. Not bad, even if we don't know how long the 2-3C battery will keep its capacity. But now for the ecodriving tips. Since the vehicle fully supports regenerative braking, it is possible to avoid mechanical braking. In practice only some events which might not be foreseen resulted in mechanical braking. This is especially easy if you have a hand throttle. Secondly it is important avoiding operational condition having low motor efficiency. Low RPM with high load draw a lot of amps. So if the voltage of the battery drops this is a good sign that the efficiency is low. This is also resulting in warming up of the cables and controller. More to follow....

    Take a Light Seat Take a Light Seat
    Vehicle weight directly influences the fuel consumption, therefore new lighter seats are needed. We had already seen some new seat mockup at the Geneva Auto Show, but now Toyota Boshoku confirms that they work on an industrial solution for the frame ( source). If you don't want waiting, choose a model without many electric motors in the seat. This should save some weight.

    Are You a Fuel Economy Champ? Are You a Fuel Economy Champ?
    If you want to record your refuelling data and compare to others (and use imperial units) you may want using This site seams a little weak compared to the German Spritmonitor portal. Die deutschsprachige Version finden Sie hier. We are not surprised seeing the Audi A3 3l still leading the rankings. If you want to discuss the issue, here is the link

    Another 10% Increase in Engine Efficiency Possible?
    Coming across studies investigating thermo electric energy regeneration from waste energy in combustion engines, we wonder about potential implementations. The Thermoelectric Generator Module (TGM) has a typical electric output of 700-1000W in trucks and may charge the batteries or power compressors. It is said that spark ignition engines will profit more and apart from the exhaust heat, the water cooling system is another candidate for heat extraction source. The efficiency of he TGM was 5% in 1994 and has been increased to 7% in laboratories using skutterudite-based thermoelectric conversion material (source). In 2011 we may see the TGM in production according to GM and BSST researchers source. Of course cleaner exhaust as we see with natural gas will help keep the TGM working.

    3000 miles with one tank
    A nice road show is happening in the USA. Willi Nelson will drive from New York to Los Angeles without stopping for refuelling. (project site)

    Validated Fuel Economy for Passenger Cars Validated Fuel Economy for Passenger Cars
    CO2/km labels at auto shows are a fake. Real world test of British 4Car gave the following ranking:
    1. Toyota Aygo 5.2 l/100km petrol 122 g CO2/km
    2. Mini Cooper D 4.6 l/100km diesel 123 g CO2/km
    3. Skoda Fabia Greenline 4.7 l/100km diesel 124 g CO2/km
    4. VW Golf Bluemotion 4.9 l/100km diesel 130 g CO2/km
    5. Honda Civic Hybrid 5.6 l/100km gasoline 133 g CO2/km
    6. Ford Focus Econetic 5.2 l/100km diesel 138 g CO2/km
    7. BMW 118d 5.3 l/100km diesel 139 g CO2/km
    8. Fiat 500 1.2 6.1 l/100km gasoline 142 g CO2/km
    This test underlines that the vehicle size is most important, since the leading vehicle is petrol powered. Ignition combustion engines are back competing in fuel efficient cars. source

    Multi trick pony - sorry car
    Soaring fuel prices trigger creativity amongst auto makers. BMW revealed a mild hybrid electrix X5. This is nothing to be emphasized but we recognise some nice tricks which help boosting fuel economy:
    • a solar panel is warming the gear oil, and powering ancilary consumers
    • there are now eight gears automatically shifted
    • aerodynamic tires are reducing the drag by 1 kW at 160 km/h


    Answering 4$ per gallon fuel price
    GM, beaten by heavy losses of it shares, responded to customer questions. We here bring you the technical measures of GM's market models:
    • active fuel management- activating and deactivating cylinders
    • tire pressure monitor
    • recalibrated engine
    • low resitance tires


    Hybrid for the city roads Hybrid for the city roads
    While the Toyota Prius introduces itself in Taxi fleets, competitors prepare for the market introduction. Nissan however will firstly introduce a battery electric vehicle. While Japanese and US-citizens may buy from 2010 on, others have to wait for 2012. source

    Force Feedback Throttle saves 5-10%
    Nissan introduced an acceleration pedal which increases the spring force when approaching inefficient conditions. The system is accompanied wit an eco pedal indicator in the dashboard. We are waiting to see such a system combined with radar sensor avoiding fast tail end approaches. source Continental now offers this pedal too source.

    Smart Smarter Smartest Smart Smarter Smartest
    It is now coming to most of our mind that its not economic riding a vehicle weighing one to two tons to transport one person. Smart has broken the barriers to small vehicles and Topia tops the design using an even smaller safety cell for single person transport. 150kg means of course a much smaller energy consumption allowing the use of battery packs which might be exchanged by hand when empty which is superior to Shai Agassis system. Source

    German Highway Driving a Fuel Waste!
    In order to protect the engines some manufacturers are using less combustion air above 160km/h. Since the emissions are not regulated in those areas the air excess rate may fall down to 0.7. This burns additional 2-2.5l per 100 km but protects the exhaust system from overheating.

    Upper Austria introduces funding for efficient and clean vehicles Upper Austria introduces funding for efficient and clean vehicles
    With August 1st passenger cars with maximal CO2-emission of 110 g/km get 750 Euro. Battery electric vehicles fed with so called Oekostrom (electricity from renewable sources) get another 500 €. Battery electric two wheelers get 300€ respectively 450€ when fed with Oekostrom. source

    High Fuel Price Results in Lower Consumption in Austria
    The high fuel price has resulted in decreased fuel consumption. Gasoline was 10% lower and diesel 5%. This clearly shows that there is some flexibility in demand. Source Kleine Zeitung July 30th 2008, p. 29

    European Tire Policy European Tire Policy
    The European Commission intends to introduce thresholds for tires for the following parameters
    • grip under wet conditions
    • noise
    • rolling resistance
    The last parameter will be limited with 12 kg/metric ton starting with 2016 10.5 kg/ metric ton. Today's energy savers do have 7 to 7.5 kg/metric ton. As added value you see from this figure that at 100km/h this means you may save 1.3 kW power for a 1 ton car. If you see it the other way round you also save 1.3 kW power of tire resistance if you drive a one tone car instead of a two ton car. Of course with the two ton cars you have other parameters which increase the consumption further like cross-sectional area, bigger engine etc... Source: Technology Review August 2008

    Ecodriving Gadgets Illegal?
    Adjustable Shift Light s are sold below 100€. Vibrations are used and 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines are sensed. The rpm for the shift indication may be set by the user. But the devices are marked as not complying with road traffic regulations... The good message ist that vortex generators which improve aerodynamics are street legal.

    Big Ecodriving Campaign in Austria
    The Austrian Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture (Lebensministerium) has rolled out a big campaign using ads in all media, most innovative banners in online media. Trainings are supported financially for 100 drivers. more...

    Were are the small efficient vehicles? Were are the small efficient vehicles?
    According to a German survey 36.1 percent of the respondents want to opt for a small vehicle, having a reduced consumption (source). The first round of offers from the industry failed because the small fuel efficient vehicles were not user friendly and were too expensive, so we are awaiting eagerly the second round and will present the vehicles here as they appear in the show rooms. In between prices for small and efficient vans like the Audi A2 which are not produced any more are high on the second hand market .

    Search for demonstrators Search for demonstrators
    The project offers support to fleets implementing recognition and rewarding schemes - please contact the partners in your country. The aim is saving more than 10% (white paper, tips&contact).

    Efficient combustion engines reach the market
    After it was more than clear that fuel guzzlers are outdated - we see new efficient engines. One example is the Kappa 1.25 engine from Hyundai. The good fuel economy is achieved by reducing internal friction:
    • offset crankshaft
    • coating with molybdenum disulfide of roller rocker arm and piston skirt
    • CrN coated oil ring
    This engine is meant for developing markets since it does not employ more sophisticated techniques like direct injection or super charging. But it shows that even with simpler spark ignition engines 120 g CO2/km may be achieved. source

    860 Hybrid Buses for London till 2012
    While Germany transport operators are still testing, Transport for London has set ambitious goals with regards to energy saving technology. 11% of the fleet will be replaced by hybrid electric buses. The financing will be done partly by the income from the congestion charging. Source Verkehr und Technik 2008 Heft 6 p. 214

    How far you may go with 5l gasoline?
    The TV channel N24 featured a comparison of three vehicles.
    • scooter with two stroke spark ignition engine
    • small car with spark ignition engine
    • battery electric car charged via power generator
    The small car was reduced in weight removing the interior achieving minus 80kg. For the scooter also some stuff was removed. Both were adapted with a higher tire pressure. The scooter driver reduced the cross-sectional are in a special seating position. The ecodriving had some mistakes, it is better to decelerate before traffic lights having the long gear in, not free wheeling. This reduces the fuel consumption to zero. The first vehicle stopping was the car. The battery electric car was recharged once but not all the fuel used within the time limit of 5 hours. The scooter won the rally and arrived in Poland starting in Berlin while the others finished earlier.

    Official CO2-labels may be 30% wrong
    The bad message to buyers of small efficient cars. Trying to follow the New European Driving Cycle with velocities up to 130 km/h and strong acceleration, smaller engines might consume more than the official label says. A test published in the Austrian consumer journal konsument 7/2008 showed and increase of 29% for the smart fortwo coupe 1.0 mhd. The good message for ecodriving pros is that with smaller engines and max. highway velocities of 110 km/h ecodriving helps to consume less than the label says. It is interesting to see that also high volume models which have a powerful motorisation consume more when shifting to the NEDC compared with the old cycle which had been ending at 120 km/h. The measured models with the lowest NEDC-compliant CO2-emission are Toyota Aygo 1.0, smart fortwo coupe 1.0 mhd and Opel Corsa 1.0 Twinport, all three staying below 140 g/km.

    Fuel Prices As Driver For Less Driving Fuel Prices As Driver For Less Driving
    Pin that chart to your walls... “U.S. gasoline demand will likely decline in 2008 for the first time in more than 17 years,” says the report to be released Thursday. “For the first time since the 1970s and early 1980s the number of miles driven by Americans has clearly begun trending downward.” source

    World Green Car Award World Green Car Award
    The BMW 118d was chosen ahead of 10 other environmentally friendly production vehicles for the World Green Car of the Year. The Mercedes Benz Smart fortwo cdi and the Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI were the two other top three contenders. source

    Paradigm Shift Commuting Cars
    While production plants for fuel guzzler disappear, we see now new types of vehicles on the horizon like the Carver One. We are looking forward to light vehicles with better usability and 100 MPG+ - which equals 2.35 l/100km (converted by this tool).

    Heureka! CO2 tax fixed in Germany Heureka! CO2 tax fixed in Germany
    Not as intended but finally the coalition agreed on a linear tax which is levied yearly only for newly bought vehicles. Details will follow. And now for something similar: In Canada bicycles are exchanged for old cars (as from 1995). May be this is an idea for Europe too. source

    GMs CEO Mr. Wagoner announces closure of four SUV assembling lines
    GM's CEO introduced a new strategy phasing out SUV's and bringing the Volt to the market by 2010. Be the electric force with them. Four assembling lines will be closed and focus is on the 40 MPG vehicle which equals approx. 6l/100km (gasoline of course). source

    Bad practice of CO2 purchase taxation for cars
    While Germany is still debating taxation there are only nine countries having CO2 based procurement taxes in Europe. Austria, The Netherlands and Portugal have lower purchase taxes for procuring efficient cars. In Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain the yearly tax is depending on the emissions. Belgium, France and Cyprus combine a purchase fee with annual taxes. source in German

    New motor oil doubles saving
    While the savings were 1% so far a new type of oil may save up to 2%, the producer claims. Since the fuel price is sky rocketing investing in fuel saving measures pays off quickly. more

    Get your F1 wheel coverings
    In an attempt to reduce aerodynamic drag Ferrari revolutionized the wheel cover in Formula One. See the picture here

    Marketing vs. Product Quality?
    In the last days we have seen a couple of attempts to cheat the customers. Marketing departments try to sell their fuel guzzlers by
    • refunding CO2-taxes
    • guaranteeing a stable fuel price
    The so called "Steuerfluchtwochen" advertise a mini van where the bonus covers the cost of the increased consumption compared to sedans or micro vans from the same brand. The new micro van (4.1-6.1 l diesel/100km) has a trunk volume of max. 410 liter (back seat may be moved) while the mini van (starting with 6.2 l diesel/100km) has 406 liter(ISO figures). The campaigns name "Let's refuel America" might translate into "lets refool America" since it motivates people to contribute to global warming and resulting cost. We would rather like to see new fuel saving products though! Ceterum censeo: The Audi A2 should reappear with a stop'n go version!

    Learning to live in a changing world
    Lets assume you invest 10,000€ switching to an fuel saving hybrid car, saving 1000€ per year, what is the pay back time? Doing it without inflation and oil price increase you may say 10 years. But if you have an increase of the fuel price of 3% per year this shortens to 9 years. Having 10% its not much longer than 7 years. And yes the increase for gasoline in the USA was 19% on average last year - this shortens the period to lower than 6 years even if you account for the interest of the money invested... In the UK we had approx 30% - so go for the savings sirs!

    How much is 32 MPG?
    The US government now demands a CAFE value of 32 MPG per 2015. Please explain: CAFE means corporate average fuel economy - this might be the reason Porsche bought Volkswagen shares... 32 MPG translate to 7.35 l/100km using this tool Is this a low or high figure for European brands? BMW has a real figure of 9.48 l/100km according to Mercedes 9.89 l/100km Volkswagen 8.24 l/100km. So if you take real world figures some brands will encounter problems. Daihatsu is well off with 6.21 l/100km. Those figures relate to gasoline/petrol!

    Low Resistance Tires for Passenger Cars Save 0.3 to 0.5 l/100km
    A test of summer tires by the Austrian consumer information bureau VKI revealed that the difference between the worst and the best tire is 0.3 to 0.5 l/100km. Another argument is the durability. Better values contribute to less PM-emissions.

    China introduces taxes on fuel guzzlers...
    The Chinese government has taken two critical steps to encourage fuel efficiency.
    • vehicle taxes ranging from 1 to 20 percent, based on engine size.
    • requirements for fuel-efficiency, with additional taxes of 5 to 15 percent on defaulting models
    source NYT

    Go Trabi Go! Sachsenring beats Fiat and Volkswagen in fuel economy.
    An analysis of the average fleet fuel economy revealed that the Sachsenring brand which had produced the famous Trabant has an average value in practice in Germany of 7.16 l petrol/100 km whereas Fiat has 7.46 l/100km and Volkswagen 8.24 l/100km. Only one brand Daihatsu is performing better with 6.22 l/100km. more in German

    Bad car policy in Germany, even more in Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland
    The German CO2-Emission of newly licensed cars being below 170 g/km is 10 grams over the European average being 159 g/km. The worst countries Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland have 180 g/km on average. In a couple of countries the CO2 emission per licensed vehicle has been rising (Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Slovenia and Slovakia) in 2007 says a German study. The leaders in Europe are Portugal (144 g/km), Italy (148 g/km) and France (149 g/km). Norway has seen a decline of 8.5 caused by a newly introduced CO2 tax. source in German

    Driving Intelligence cuts miles by 2%
    The US based United Parcel Service have introduced congestion optimised routing avoiding left turns. This accounted for an annual saving of 30 millions fewer miles. source The Wall Street Journal 03/13/2008

    Automobile Industry - ECO-vehicles on the move
    In the last weeks there were quite some announcements so customers will be comfortable in their choice. Whilst the Smart microhybrid is labelled having 3.3 l/100km only, economic 4 seater like the VW Polo Blue Motion and its counterpart the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive and the Kia ECO C'eed are labelled with 3.8 and 3.9 l/100km. The Logan Renault eco2 Concept will reach the same figure being still lower compared to the heavier hybrid electric Toyota Prius. Wikipedia Low-Energy Vehicle

    Policy - Large Differences in Car-Labelling in Europe
    While in some countries like the UK we see strong support for correct customer information, in others the regulations are not efficient. Thus in the image leaflets cars are presented without data comprising marketing speak only, escaping the need for giving fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Here we point to a description of the correct customer information as given in the UK - please consider this template.