Follower Certification

RECODRIVE offered the possibility to apply for a RECODRIVE follower certificate
The follower certificate offered fleet operators the possibility to communicate their committment to act in an environmental friendly way!

Case Studies (only available in English)

Eco-driving leads to savings in large logistic companies (Slovenia)
bimg_4516.jpg Viator&Vektor, one of the largest Slovenian logistic companies, has implemented Driver Training and Rewarding to achieve lower fuel consumption.

EMT Madrid demonstration in RECODRIVE project
11227181.jpg The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (E.M.T.) has implemented a demonstration of RECODRIVE project measures with the support of Spanish project partner BESEL, in order to evaluate the benefits obtained in terms of energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-driving leads to fuel savings in waste management in Maribor, Slovenia
novov.jpg Driver training, motivation and appropriate rewarding are promising measures to achieve lower fuel consumption even in the waste collection sector with driving characteristics strongly determined by stop and go and high demand of auxiliary consumers. Further significant fuel savings can be realised through optimised routing.